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On the basis of this vehicle would be a G37 Infiniti / Nissan 370 Z, which we think wouldn't a lame idea in the least, given the excellent treatment of the characteristics of these two cousins. Moreover, the name of the Alps would be the one to carry a sport-Renault. You know the name of decades ago, when she used to build the winning racing cars using Renault engines. Although WCF reported on such a car a few weeks ago, it's very much a rumour. Until now.

A good Renault sports car we suspect would use a relatively small turbo engine instead of a large block V6 for obvious reasons; weight, compactness, emissions and a possible return of the turbo in Formula One. The car will not be based on an existing cars of Renault and will be very different, even radical in styling. Renault desperately needs for its many millions of euros involvement in the F1 and so far so good as RenaultSport is, it hasn't happened to the desired extent.

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Two years after the unveiling of the fuel cell powered FCX concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda today showed the production version of the car that will be available next summer, along with a name and price. The car now known as the FCX Clarity will be available for private customers from mid-2008 for a period of three years rent. The $ 600/month price tag will cover all maintenance and collision insurance. Unlike GM's Project ramp program, Honda made it clear that engineers are not following these cars around. People will be able to arrive at a Honda dealer, sign the papers and drive. At least, if they live in southern California. Initially, the cars will only be available for customers in the areas where hydrogen filling stations are available. The production version remains faithful to the concept with the only real change on the nose, which was stretched a few inches to provide a number crush space. The range on a full tank of compressed hydrogen to 5000 psi remains at 270 miles and the vertical power fuel cells can start at temperatures of-22F. [Source: Honda]