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Why? Because they can and they get paid lots of money to do so. Here you can see young girls in hot fast super cars and reviews cool cars and girls.

hat does this car so quickly - that he has ed the enormous engine its slippery aerodynamic. That two combinations only can move this cool car on more, than 200 mph, but there more this than this. The Reason why this car is such amazing car - that he is created in perfection. Allow begin with engine. The Engine - 8 litres W-16, which have 4 turbo. The Engine W - basically two V8 or V6 united together. With prominent 8 litres and 16 cylinders, already engine can produce the enormous amount to powers. But Volkswagen engineer did not stop there; besides, they have added four turbo and each has increasing 10 psi. So in general power machine issue - enormous 1001 powers (l.s.). That much powers and to write to the land. They must use all whee journey and special bus was made Michelin to cope with volcanic power.