T-98 Kombat

Having blogged about many performance cars which are beautiful, costly and fast, i have decided to blog on something else for a change. And this time round, it'll be on the topic of safety and off-road.

T-98 Kombat
I have always wanted to be in a safe car. Who doesn't? But some cars, are taken to the extreme. There are many safety tests a car has to go through, for example, having a head on collision into an object, being side swiped by a large trunk, being struck by lightning, going up a 33.3% slope hill which is very steep and even wind tests to ensure that nothing breaks and flies off during a journey.

However, the T-98 takes it to a whole new level. Not only is it a 4 wheel drive off road car, it is also an armoured car. Mainly used to protect VIPs, celebrities, etc.

Although this car is an off-roader, and is rather fast for such a heavy car at almost 5 tonnes, it's interior is not compromised. It has electrical outputs and large comfortable seats. It even contains a satellite navigation which not really many cars have at the moment. The more extreme feature would be that it even includes a flat-screen television which can play DVD and also as a climate control interior containing leather seats and polished wood.

Despite having all these luxurious functions which sports cars such as the Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini would seldom or never have, it has an incredible safety feature. Not the normal kind where cars are rammed into walls, but instead, this car is being tested by firing rounds of ammunition at its windows and doors.

Its price however, isn't that cheap. It starts at around US$138,000 and rises as the features you request for. For example, at US$138,000, it is bullet proof against a 357 magnum, and at $168,000, it is bullet proof against a 7.62mm Kalashnikov.

At the moment, i have never seen this car anywhere is Singapore, neither do i think anyone owns it. Even if someone does own it, i doubt it will be allowed on the roads of Singapore. Having such a car in Singapore would also unnecessary. But still, its is such a cool car. I wouldn't mind having one. It would definitely come in handy in times of emergency and it would make me feel so safe to be in one of these... ...though no one is allowed to even own a gun in Singapore. Therefore, maybe having such a car in areas such as America or Russia would be more sensible, therefore, it is usually being sold in those areas. In Singapore, if you still want to have a bullet proof car, maybe a more sensible choice would be a Mercedes custom made car. The ride would definitely be better and it wouldn't catch so much attention.