The Ultimate Motorcycle Calendar 2012

It's reaching the end of the year, and we need to start thinking about calendars; ones we want, and ones we want to give as a gift. In both categories, there's really one if you love classic and custom made motorcycles; BikeEXIF calendar.

2012 BikeEXIF

The 2012 BikeEXIF Calendar runs for 13 months (so until January 2013), and every month thsi wall calendar has a fantastic and high quality photo of a motorcycle. Photos from motorcycles such as BSA, Brough Superior, Ducati, harley, Honda, Husqvarna, Guzzi, Triumph and Yamaha will look great on any wall.

2012 BikeEXIF

The calendar is not expensive, since we're talking major art here. US$14.99 will get you this wall adornment.